Fit and function

Next to the correct size, the fit is the most important aspect of any children's shoe. A study conducted by Tübingen University Hospital shows that more than 60% of all 2- to 14-year olds wear shoes that are too small. The right fit actively supports a child's foot and ensures full range of motion. At RICOSTA, we developed our own system to achieve the best possible fit. The RICOSTA WMS System measures the length and the volume of children's feet, enabling us to adapt the shoe form and fit perfectly to the anatomy of children's feet. This supports the development of children's feet and protects them from damage, including joint deformation and toe malposition.

Perfect fit with WMS

Finding the right fit and best size of a children's shoe is not exactly child's play. Because children's feet grow three-dimensionally the correct size is not only defined by length. Therefore, RICOSTA children's shoes are sized according to the WMS (Width Measuring System). Apart from length, the system also takes foot volume into account in order to optimize the anatomical shape and fit of the shoe. You can find more information about the WMS system here.

Measure your kid's feet at home according to WMS guidelines. Just print the full-size WMS scale (approx. 150 kb).

100% waterproof for any adventure

Children need to get out. Outdoors. Discovering nature – in any weather. In order to keep the feet of little adventurers dry until they come home, RICOSTA and PEPINO use only top membrane systems like SympaTex®, RICOSTA-TEX®. These materials make our shoes 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable and recyclable – so they can stand up to anything.

On light and flexible soles

Walking barefoot is the best thing for the development of a child's feet and cannot be replaced by any shoe. However, we replicate the effect as closely as possible with our extremely flexible and light soles made from natural rubber or PU. The soles are exclusively produced in Germany and bonded to the upper in a zero-emission process. That makes them sustainable, non-hazardous and, most of all, perfect for small, growing feet.

RICOSTA Drysole for the perfect shoe climate

Day in and day out, feet give off a lot of moisture. The removable Drysole absorbs moisture reliably and releases it at night. The quick-drying Drysole is washable at 30°C.

Click by click to a perfect fit: The BOA® twist closure

Some of our styles were designed with a twist. The virtually indestructible BOA® twist closure combines key features of different types of shoe closures, achieving the perfect fit of a lace-up shoe.