Conditions for participation in Facebook prize draws

For simplification purposes, in copy below both male and female participants are collectively referred to as "participants".


§ 1 General
Participation in prize draws on the Facebook Fan Page of RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH ( is only possible under the following participation conditions. The campaign has no connection with Facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook in any way. The recipient of the information provided by the participant is not Facebook but solely RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH as the operator of the official Facebook page.

§ 2 Participation conditions
All natural and legally competent persons who are at least 14 years old are eligible to participate in prize draws on the Facebook Fan Page of RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH, unless specified otherwise by prize draw notification.  The winning participant consents to their name and photo being published on the internet. Participation is only possible within the period stated in the prize draw notification. There is no right of appeal. RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH employees are not eligible to participate.

§ 3 Prize
The prize is described in the prize draw notification. In the event of multiple participants, winners will be determined by drawing lots, with no right of appeal, unless specified otherwise by the prize draw notification. A cash payout is excluded. The winners will be announced on Facebook and notified unless stated otherwise in the prize draw notification. If the winners do not make themselves known within a period of 10 days, the claim to the prize will be forfeited. 

§ 4 Selection process
The winners will be selected by a random draw and there is no right of appeal.

§ 5 Data Protection
RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH grants, within the scope of the prize draw, the highest possible data protection standard and observes all the relevant statutory provisions in this regard. RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH will not forward any personal data to third parties or sell address data. RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH will solely store the personal data of the respective participants for the purposes of the prize draw. The participant hereby expressly consents to the storage and use of the personal data for the aforementioned purpose.

§ 6 Liability
Compensation claims against RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH, which are associated with the prize draw are excluded within what is permitted by law irrespective of the legal grounds, unless RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH has infringed its statutory obligations with intent or gross negligence. Furthermore, RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH shall not be liable for claims arising from any restriction in the availability of the prize draw web page due to technical faults over which it has no influence, due to events of force majeure or to attacks by third parties on the prize draw web page. However, RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH will do everything it can to secure the reliability and operability of the prize draw web page. Nor shall RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH assume any guarantee for the prize draw web page being duly operational on the computer of the participant.

§ 7 Safeguard Clause
Should any of the individual clauses of these participation conditions be invalid, or in the event of a regulatory loophole, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. In the place of the invalid or missing provision, a provision will come into force which is as close as possible to the contractual purpose and the statutory provisions.

§ 8 Place of jurisdiction, applicable law
German law shall apply exclusively to disputes. To the extent that it is legally admissible, the headquarters of RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH is deemed the place of jurisdiction. If the participant has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or has relocated their place of residence abroad after the participation, the headquarters of RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH shall also be agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

§ 9 Contact
If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the prize draws and the processing and use of personal data, please contact 
Status: February 2016