Quality and craftsmanship

What are the hallmarks of a good children's shoe? It should be soft and supple. But also durable and rugged enough to go on any adventure. With strong heel support and a flexible forefoot. One thing is certain: For maximum comfort, you need the best materials and top-notch processing. That is why RICOSTA children's shoes are mostly produced with traditional artisanal methods. Depending on the model, it takes 80-100 production steps to make a pair of shoes. Our shoes are not just healthy for children's feet, they also usually outlast the period in which one child will wear them. Much to the delight of siblings, friends and, of course, parents.

We all do our very best for the kids

Shoe production is a very complex process. Design, materials, process, features, cuts...everything must be taken into account in order to create a good children's shoe. At RICOSTA, everybody is fully committed to this task. We always find a way to make children's shoes just a little more precise, more perfect, more functional and, ultimately, better. In doing so, we rely on decades of experience and technical know-how. Only the best is good enough for our children's shoes. Our customers around the world value our dedication to RICOSTA children's shoes.